Najib Elkhayari

Technical Advisor

Najib has a Ph.D in Physics from the University of Houston. Najib works with the firm’s attorneys to help protect the intellectual property of our clients and to assist our attorneys in analyzing complicated technologies in patent and trade secret litigation. Najiib has a broad-based technical background and is skilled at getting to the heart of an invention and in assisting our attorneys in learning the applicable technology at the detailed level necessary to explain difficult and unfamiliar technical matters to the court and to the jury. Najib also assists the firm in locating and qualifying technical expert witnesses with specific subject matter expertise required in particular engagements.

Education and Fellowships

  • University of Houston – Ph.D, Physics, 2002-2009
  • NASA: Research Assistant – Space Radiation Physics Study of the Effects of Space Radiation to Evaluate Spacecraft and Habitat Shielding, 2002-2010
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory – Visiting Research Assistant, 2005
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – Visiting Research Assistant, 2006
  • University of Pavia, Italy – Visiting Research Assistant, 2006
  • Chiba – Japan Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator – Visiting Research Assistant, 2006


  • English
  • Arabic
  • French


  • Shielding Experiments with High-Energy Heavy Ions for Spaceflight Applications
  • Space Applications of the FLUKA Monte-Carlo Code: Lunar and Planetary Exploration
  • FLUKA Status and Preliminary results from the July-2005 AGS Run